Letter to customers: Petrolimex identifies its brand name and logos by new procedures

Vietnam National Petroleum Group has the honour to notify that from the 12th January 2012 we officially identify the brand name and logos by new procedures on all our system, from the holding company, the Vietnam National Petroleum Group, to the member companies at home and abroad.

The brief identification list of Vietnam National Petroleum Group is highlighted in the websitewww.petrolimex.com.vn

The brand name Petrolimex (old and new procedures) owned by Vietnam National Petroleum Group was granted Brand Registration Certificate in Vietnam, a number of regional countries and the world. The use and exploitation of the brand and logos are to follow procedures set by Viet Nam National Petroleum Group.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

After 55 years of building and development, the big brand of Petrolimex is the quintessence of efforts by generations of leaders, officers and workers of Petrolimex together with the confidence and love of shareholders, partners, customers and the public in and out of the country.

Identification of new Petrolimex is the development and inheritance of the precious core values and the promotion of fine features of the brand with the will to move further together with you to a brighter future.

On this occasion, the collective leadership, officers and workers of Petrolimex would like to convey to you their deepest gratitude for your understanding, trust and close cooperation with Petrolimex.


Chairman of Board of Management

Vietnam National Petroleum Group (Petrolimex)